Contest and steps

Open-F@b Call4Ideas: the contest

The contest aims to identify and select the most interesting and valuable projects in terms of transformation, social impact, benefits provided and their fulfillment that meet the criteria of originality and innovation.

The regulation is available here.

We seek after new solutions with high social impact and transformation within the following areas:

  • HEALTH: solutions involving a new approach to health and technology. Special focus on the new needs identified during the pandemic and the opportunities offered by digital services to support and care for people, families and pets.
  • DIGITAL LIFE: solutions to support every age in accessing digital technologies, leading to the discovery of new ways of daily life, such as distance learning, smart working, e-commerce and the ever-increasing number of digital communication methods.
  • WELFARE: solutions to increase life quality of employees and households both at work and at home.
  • HOME: innovative solutions for what has now become the shelter during the health emergency: the home, to offer higher levels of safety, comfort and life quality.
  • MOBILITY: technology-based solutions to ensure the right balance combining safety, efficiency and sustainability for people and goods mobility.
  • SECURITY: applications that, in a phase of increasing digitalization, can guarantee the highest level of security for connection and interaction, in terms of privacy, reputation but also protection of physical and digital assets.
  • SAVINGS: options providing a smarter, more dynamic and safe management of money, investments and savings.

Open-F@b Call4Ideas: the steps

Project applications and evaluation:

  • Applications online (July 6th – September 30th)
  • First online assessment by the jury
  • Communication to the finalists
  • Battle (debate among ideas and selected projects)
  • Final event and winners ceremony